Denim may be one of the most versatile pieces in fashion. Who could have anticipated a pair of boot-cut Levi’s would evolve into a piece of clothing that shares the runway with ballgowns and silk sets? The wash options are limitless, the silhouette possibilities are endless, and they’ve become a ubiquitous international staple.

We’ve long been champions of wide-legged trousers ever since their re-inception. An oversized flare, culottes, cropped slacks, we love ’em all. But wide-legged jeans have never been, well, this wide before. Introducing: the denim palazzo pant.

They’re almost like JNCOs, but way, way better. Because these jeans are oversized without being baggy and are more structural than your traditional cotton poolside palazzo pant.

I paired my denim palazzo pants with a black bralette and black statement stilettos.

This trend is classy as well as helps you to maintain your comfort and style at the same time.

Hope this post helped you all.✨

Love you

Koko ♥️

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