What strikes your mind when you come across this word ?

A long lost fairest maiden of the town, waiting to be rescued by a prince,  folkloric fantasy characters, such as dwarfs, dragons, elves, fairies, giants, gnomes, goblins, griffins, mermaids, talking animals, trolls, unicorns, or witches, and usually magic or enchantments. A handsome prince crossing all the hurdles and finally triumphing over the dark force to rescue the maiden.

But hold on!! this is my fairytale, And no cliche is applied here. Why do we need a Prince Charming to rescue us from our troubles?? Why can’t we do so on our own?? Girls you don’t need a handsome Prince to get you out of that castle, all you need is intelligence and sense of awareness to find your own way out! yes, that’s right! what are we not capable of? we can push a full grown baby out of us, bearing the pain of 20 bones getting fractured at the same time. I know I am being very philosophical and all but that’s what this post is all about, just felt like sharing my views and thoughts with you guys.

Many girls feel that they are not enough, they need someone to complete them in a certain way, be it friends, boyfriends, best friends, or anyone else. I feel you are enough for yourself, yes!! monogamy exists and we will want to end up with someone ; commit to someone we want to spend the rest of our life with, but, that doesn’t make you incomplete if you haven’t found someone yet.

You need to explore yourself, find yourself, challenge yourself, do what you haven’t done, do what scares you the most but something which seems very challenging to you, something which makes you passionate, something which brings out a completely new side of yours ; which even you are not aware of.

I started this blog so that I can connect with people out there, share my passion (i.e. fashion) with all the girls and even boys looking for some help, styling tips etc. I am not pro at it yet, but I am growing, I am discovering, I am evolving. And that’s what I want for everyone else, everyone reading this right now, that’s what I want from you, become self-efficient, start something of your own, love doing makeup? , start a beauty blog or vlog. Just don’t sit idle wasting your time. Time is money, time is irreversible and once your time is gone, it’ll never come back, no matter what you do. Go after what you seek, make efforts and work for it.

My fairytale!?!, my fairytale would have a happy ending when all of us will collectively come together to support each other, uplift each other and be with each other, when there will be a world without hatred, jealousy and crime. When people will accept what is theirs’ and never try to steal something of someone else’ possession. well! that will be the D-Day.

I always had a dream of creating change and building a foundation such that it has an impact for years to come, I have not yet found out how, and I don’t even know when, but I know I’ll achieve it soon.

I know you must be wondering why am I sharing this with you all!

So! while planning out my next blogpost, I thought why do something only about my outfit, why not something which will actually help others in a different way.

If change is what I want, then why not start it from here?

If by this post, I managed to uplift and help even one individual, I will have achieved more than I want to.

So girl! grab your cape, ride your horse, hold your sword, wear your armour  and battle all the demons on your own and in the end, victory will be yours.


NOW!! talking about the outfit, I love this evening gown from Sewberry and chose this to create my own fairytale, it can also be worn in cocktail parties, evening events ,where, of course you want to stand out of the crowd. I paired my gown with simple yet classy black heels and a metal belt.

CIAO!! ❤


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