The sound of auntys playing dholak and singing traditional songs, the fun and frolic, strong yet calming scent of henna, kids running here and there, the beautiful LED lights, rangolis, fragrance of fresh flowers, wedding special delicacies and the beautiful bride, all of it together makes wedding season the best season.

October onwards till New Years, is the official Indian wedding season. This season is all about excitement, fun, meeting cousins, enjoyment, amusement, entertainment, catching up with long lost relatives, dressing up and looking pretty!

So when I got to know that my mother’s first cousin, my aunt is getting married, I was in awe as well as full of excitement. As it was my first family wedding, I was pretty enthusiastic about the events and rituals. But the biggest question that crossed my mind was ”WHAT TO WEAR?”, pretty much an everyday dilemma but this was serious. I always knew that I had to look the best amongst the crowd at my masi’s wedding (I did hahaha) but ya I had to plan what to wear and how to style it. I wanted to look chic as well as traditional.

I know you must be wondering how will this post help you guys in finding out your perfect outfit for a wedding that you have to attend.  I can’t promise the perfect outfit but yes I can give you a few tips in what to wear and what not to and how you can style your outfit.

  1. You should always look for the outfit that matches your personality. One shouldn’t buy a traditional outfit just because it has zari work and looks super catchy. You should grab the outfit which you can carry.
  2. Never go off board with too much makeup, I know I know you must be thinking what a wedding without some dramatic eyeshadow, but steer clear of too much.
  3. Highlight your way through, wedding is all about sparkle, so use a high pigmented highlighter and let your beautiful visage give some competition to the bride.
  4. Try to experiment with different colours for the outfit of the day. Don’t just stick to golden or red. Mix and match, make a contrast.
  5. choose a comfortable footwear. This is most important because you don’t want to trip at the wedding and make a fool of yourself.
  6. Never ever twin with the bride. hahaha!
  7. Less is more so if your outfit is ‘all that jazz’ then use minimum accessories.
  8. The right lip shade is the key to win everyone’s gaze.
  9. Make new friends and socialise, this is the best place to do so.

The outfit I chose for my aunt’s wedding was totally the best and was a perfect fit for my personality. Have a look.

I wore a heavy work lehenga, and paired it with a subtle golden blouse, a pink dupatta with prepossessing zari work to add the extra glam, for accessories I chose Kundan earrings and golden bangles.

Coco Chanel said “a woman can be over-dressed but never over elegant”  so let your elegance stand out of the crowd of 2-500 people and rock your outfit.

Hope you guys found this post helpful.

je t’aime


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