HEY GUYS! How have you been lately? Its been really long that we have connected with each other! This is just an appreciation post for all of you supporting me in my journey.

Hopefully this post will make you guys more familiar with who I am and what I thrive to achieve with this blog!

I have always been intrigued by the idea of blogging,  but  was not sure that I would really be into it. I have always been an average student in my studies. My teachers and parents believed that I am a brilliant child and can achieve much more, But I never knew what I actually wanted to do in life. I have been blessed with such supportive friends and family, who have helped me grow and become what I am today. Without their constant support I wouldn’t have been able to open up to such vast horizons as I have today.

As a student I always believed that I have an aptitude for business and entrepreneurship but I always had an inclination towards fashion.

But because of lack of guidance and counselling, I never got to know more about what careers one can pursue in fashion and how one can be associated with the fashion industry. This I believe is a very big flaw in todays education system that the students in the initial stage are only made aware of the career opportunities in science, commerce and arts field and not about fashion and other creative fields. Then later, when I enrolled for BMS(Bachelors of management studies ) for my degree programme, I somehow knew I want something more than just a degree, something which is not mainstream, I wanted to be different. In my second year I got to know about the diploma programmes being offered by Pearl Academy in various creative fields and opted for diploma in fashion designing, and with that exposure I got to know that I have capability to succeed In fashion communication and blogging and with that thought my blogging started. My friend Ziva has a very big role to play in this, with her constant pushing and faith in me I finally enrolled for my domain name and started blogging. I thought fashion,  lifestyle and travel would be the best suited for my personality and talent. If you are reading this right now you know that I have already made some travel, lifestyle and fashion posts, and I hope you guys are enjoying it. Yes I know its been a while I have posted something on my blog but I promise you there is so much more to come and I am really excited about it. Currently I am working on my content quality and planning my future posts.

It’s just been a few months that I have started blogging, I am thoroughly enjoying it and trying my best to give you guys the best possible content. I have come across many people that feel that blogging is a piece of cake and just by changing their Instagram bio to “blogger” makes them one. I have a piece of advice for all of them that blogging is much more than that, its all about determination, consistency and creating new and different content as much as possible, constant upkeep of the latest fashion trends, the new designers in the market, the latest spring-summer; autumn-winter trends and fashions have to be kept mind.

My love for fashion started since the time I was a teenager, dressing up and styling were one of my passions, I got to know I am good at it when my friends used to ask for my advice about outfits and styling. Talking about the new fashion trends, I am totally in love with the t-shirt dresses, boat necks and off shoulders, seaside stripes, khakhi, banker stripes, single shoulder cutout, Flashdance shoulder, sleeve slits, waist-clinchers, folder waists, and robes. Will be blogging about the same in my next few posts, wait for it.

As far as I am concerned, I would like to communicate with you guys more and want you all to know that your ideas, views and appreciations about my posts are welcomed and you can express the same in the comments below. I am really excited about what I will be posting next because the outfits are really versatile and can be paired and styled in many ways. I would like to know about your views and suggestions about what posts you are looking forward to.


Kritika Kohli (koko)

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