It was a perfect Saturday morning, 3 lattes, 2 vogue issues, what a lovely day☀️

Sometimes I wonder what exactly is Fashion Agony

Is it the uncontrollable Fashion suffering in our everyday lives?

I spent the whole day contemplating about how fashion has evolved in these past few years. How now fashion is not just a FAD! Or is it??

If we can keep ourselves upto date in the matters of dressing, speech and manners, we are assured of a high social esteem.

Not only the style is the urban character of modern society but its affluence also speaks for greater prevalence of fashion in it.

FASHION is everywhere we go, FASHION is everywhere to find, FASHION is art and we are the canvas, FASHION is what we buy and also what we dont..


So are we strong enough to deal with this everchanging fashion environment?

Are we strong enough to accept that the most hyped and fashionable CHANEL dress we bought in 1997 will not be considered as fashionable in 2017?

I feel our generation is the most fashion smart and we have a lot to look forward to👣

Experimentation is the key to success in this modernised fashion battle ground and we are the knights brave enough to face all the challenges🔱


Will be back with a new post soon🔅


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